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I’m Sandy Morfouli, English Confidence Coach & edupreneur, I have been the owner of an English language school for the last 11 years and I’m a curious mind! I have always been the person attending every interesting seminar and I would say that I have never stopped learning; it is in my nature. I’m always evolving my techniques and methodology as an English Coach and my mission is to inspire people to leave their fear of speaking English behind and master their confidence! You can learn more about me, my story and skills below.

My Story

is all about motivation and confidence! I have always loved being an inspiration for other people, helping them be confident when they face the issue of shyness and fear of speaking to other people. When I was at an early age, my mother used to send me for errands, so I had to speak to other people and make them understand what I wanted. At first, it was pretty difficult for me because I felt shy, but my mother explained that it is so important not to let this fear stop me from getting what I need in life. Back then it would be speaking to the bank clerk and later on in life it would be getting the job I wanted. She showed me that confidence is a great part of that, as well as working for what you want to achieve. Eventually, I managed to be more confident and it felt so great! I really remember this feeling because since then my confidence has been rising.

I have started learning English at the age of 4 and what made me really decisive might have been the fact that I loved the language while every thought in my mind  and every word I uttered seemed better when it was in English. I am not a native speaker as you realize, which had affected my way of thinking in a good way and gave me a strong desire to cultivate my speaking and communication skills. The more knowledgeable I became on the language, the more confident I felt. It was amazing knowing that I could communicate with people all around the world! Meeting people, travelling and being able to communicate at work made me feel empowered! Moreover, my English teacher had been supportive and would praise me saying that I should be an English teacher when “I grow up”! Which really happened after a long journey of studies and different kinds of workplace! My dream came true and that is why I want to help other people fulfill theirs, too.

My studies on social sciences, journalism, economics, adult learning as well as my seminars on the English language, learning gamification and NLP have offered me the valuable knowledge to create my own methodology, combining techniques which you are able to take advantage of and master your confidence in communicating in English.

Moreover, my experience at different workplaces have offered me deep insight on how important is the right usage of English as well as instant communication showing confidence, especially when working at a multinational level workplace. I have met CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, journalists, politicians, doctors that were feeling stuck using the English language and were asking for help from their colleagues, like me who I was eager to help. I realized that I felt so excited helping them communicate and when I received feedback they mentioned that I was so good at what I did , empowering them and making them feel confident communicating what they needed in English.

Lastly, being interviewed was the other side of speaking fluently and having confidence as an asset. Having worked at a variety of workplaces, I had been part of lots of interviews, which got me the job almost anytime! My conclusion was again that the combination of fluent English and confidence were the key to that. Of course, you need to have the proper education but without English and confidence, as well as preparation, you cannot have a positive result for the job you wish for.

My name and methodology represent an authentic, purposeful brand that you can get to know, like and trust with your English and Master your Confidence. I love sharing my knowledge and interacting with people around the world. You can decide to invest in yourself and be part of my journey, mastering your confidence in English and achieving what you want!

Like any other true educator, I give the highest of priorities to working towards mastering your English. I strive for mutual clear communication & honesty with my clients, so we can have the best results.

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