Customized sessions to increase your or your employees’ confidence in communicating in English.

This training is for those who have already studied English before however you don’t feel confident at work to use the language and be yourself in the workplace .

It is designed to give you the confidence you need  to be successful at work  when communicating in English in situations such as meetings, presentations, phone calls, writing emails, public speaking, selling your services or products and networking.

Being English fluent means

Better daily communication at work, no worries for misinterpreting

Career Growth

Multinational career opportunities

It is true that professionals who don’t speak English have limited career opportunities or development.  It is a well-known fact that the business world is constantly using video conference tools and meetings are attended globally by lots of nationalities, so understanding and communicating properly is the key.

Having that in mind, what you need in order to compete for a greater salary, a better CV, as well as to stand out in a corporate environment is to Master that Confidence in English!

In our session we implement techniques and strategies that can help you develop learning awareness and improve your confidence in office-routines, public speaking, communication and work –related situations, negotiating, writing emails, making phone- calls, participating in meetings, networking, using proper body language. It is a personalized, holistic, learning-centered approach, which takes into account the challenges that an English language learner faces in the 21st century.

This course is for you if you want to:

Do you ..

  • Feel unable to demonstrate your true professional capacity in English?
  • Want to know how to master polite and diplomatic conversations?
  • want to have the confidence to attend virtual conferences in your specialized area?
  • Feel embarrassed when you speak due to your accent or level or shyness?
  • Need guidance in writing emails and other work –related documents in formal context?

Do not worry!

My mission is to guide you in fulfilling your potential in English communication and achieving one of your life’s biggest dreams  – Mastering your Confidence in Speaking English! This is going to make a positive impact in your career, on the world and the income you deserve.

I want you to imagine

  • Being able to make a conversation without translating every word from and to your native language
  • Making a presentation being sure for yourself, feeling confident all the way

  • Giving a public speech, magnetizing your audience

  • Communicating effectively with people who have already conquered their English fluency level

  • Getting the job or position you want hence better career growth

  • Earning a higher salary because of better communication and development

  • Promoting your services to clients

  • Feeling confident without feeling stuck

  • Upgrading your prestige at work

  • Getting the professional development you have always wanted

  • Cooperating with a larger audience around the world

  • Expanding your business if you are an entrepreneur

  • Confidently facing high-pressure situations

Give your professional development a boost and take it to the next level. You can and you should feel empowered.

Right now you

have fear of exposure to the language mainly in daily work situations or haven’t even looked for opportunities in the labor market due to lack of confidence to use the English skills that are required and tend to think to yourself…

• Why haven’t I managed to communicate in English fluently?
• How do I get to improve?
• Will I seem clueless if I make a presentation?
• How do I connect with people when I overthink what I say?
• How can I start over after feeling disappointed?

So you see there’s a problem…you feel stuck and frustrated.

• You do not feel confident when it comes to speaking English, even though you are a confident person?
• You don’t know where to start
• You feel overwhelmed
• You are shy because of your pronunciation
• You are disappointed because you have tried some English lessons in the past and did not offer you what you expected meaning you did not have the desirable result
• You have little/limited time available
• You have spent a lot of money with no results
• You have poor vocabulary
• You cannot understand grammar …
• You feel you have tried everything but still no desirable results
• You feel stressed and uncertain
• You feel blocked
• You feel other people move forward while you stay behind and this might cost you your job, money etc
• You have difficulty in writing emails
• You face time and priority issues
• You experience low motivation
• You may have a negative attitude due to former experience in speaking English
• You are frustrated by your social &professional performance in English

And the list goes on.

What are the consequences?

In the end you lose motivation and stop BUT you can change all of the above STARTING NOW!

In Mastering your Confidence when speaking English, using my methodology& techniques based on NLP, coaching, adult learning and English and make the investment that your future self will thank you for. What I offer you is a proven strategy that has helped a great amount of people master their confidence in communicating in English. Do not let former disappointment keep you back. Communicating in English with confidence is truly possible. Give yourself now, the opportunity that you will be thankful for. 

Please note that this is NOT for Everyone

I’m only looking to work with people who are fully committed to attending coaching sessions with me and realize that results require

  • investment of time, money and energy
  • a clear goal, for your business and dreams
  • commitment

Last Words of Advice

Lastly, I want you to think about why you want to communicate in English in the first place. 

  • Maybe you are already working at a job position and you want to do something more meaningful and impactful and need to be fluent in communicating in English
  • Or you already have a business, but you see that your competition moves forward while you’re stuck
  • Understand that your daily actions determine your future, and if you have a vision for 1st Making more income 2nd  Getting the recognition you know you deserve 

You can achieve these important milestones with hard and smart work and the right guidance. And today, you can already start working on shaping up that future. I will leave you with a quote that I truly follow:

*For the best results and before the start of our English Confidence sessions, I conduct a full language assessment of each individual based on fluency and pronunciation criteria, as well as a Communication Needs Analysis, so that we can focus on the ideal goal of you as a client. Thus, these personal sessions are based on your profile as a learner, on the outcomes you wish to have and the expected teaching aims.


How I expect you to feel after this course



We can help you Master your English whichever your profession is. 

Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, an executive, a politician, an actor, a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, a CEO, a real estate agent, an athlete, a multinational employee,a journalist, a marketer, a creative, a tech specialist and many more…!

Topics covered

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Are you a business looking to coach your staff towards better English language communication and confidence skills?

You may hire me to coach your entire staff in Mastering their communication in English, which means they are going to be able to communicate better, perform better at work hence you add a higher value to your business plus your company’s figures can increase!

More Good News!

Mastering your confidence 100% is possible! You can start today and leave behind how stressed, shy or disappointed you are.  I work with people like you every day and the results have been amazing for all of them!

Get excited, let’s enroll you in a session and get what you deserve!


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

*If, after taking one single session with me, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund for the full package of your paid coaching sessions. Just drop me an email and I’ll return your money, no questions asked.

Thank you for your interest.

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