Welcome! I’m English Coach Sandy and

If you’re on this page, it means you’ve decided to take your English communication to the next level. You want to Master your Confidence in your workplace.  You’re here because you are an ambitious professional who wants to grow in your career.  You’re either a professional or a candidate for a job interview or maybe you are going to be evaluated for your level of communication in English in order to work or study abroad, sitting for IELTS exams.

My mission is to help people like you communicate effectively in English with your colleagues, boss and clients, gain more confidence, and make the difference at your current or future workplace.

Let’s be 100% clear. You know There are no shortcuts. You need to work towards this direction and have Results.

You are here for a reason:

You want Confidence, Communication and the chance to be successful and make a difference for yourself and others. You can have all of these because you can decide today to invest on your English communication!



How would it feel knowing that you can go to work tomorrow , the next day and the days after being able to communicate in English with confidence..

ü Being able to make a conversation without translating every word from and to your native language

  • Making a presentation being sure for yourself, feeling confident all the way

  • Giving a public speech, magnetizing your audience

  • Communicating effectively with people who have already conquered their English fluency level

  • Getting the job or position you want hence better career growth

  • Earning a higher salary because of better communication and development

  • Promoting your services to clients

  • Feeling confident without feeling stuck

  • Upgrading your prestige at work

  • Getting the professional development you have always wanted

  • Cooperating with a larger audience around the world

  • Expanding your business if you are an entrepreneur

  • Confidently facing high-pressure situations

Give your professional development a boost and take it to the next level. You can and you should feel empowered.

That is what we do here. All of these is possible! I offer you an experience to Master your Confidence in English that will make you successful communicating effectively at your workplace!

Have you ever felt…

  • Inadequate for speaking and communicating with others at work?
  • Needing so much time to think what the other person said translating in your mind that you lost the moment and this cost you a client of a job
  • Having the imposter syndrome , thinking “I’m so overwhelmed! This seems endless! I will never manage to communicate what I want”

What might surprise you is that these are 3 incredibly common fears.

I want you to know two things

  • You are not alone, I have so many students with the same frustrations, thoughts, hinders.
  • This is 100%  possible!


Why we are different

My program is not an English course, it is a methodology that is designed to unlock your brain in communicating in English and mastering your confidence, based on techniques I have developed through my studies and work in the last decade. These techniques and strategies are designed to help you develop learning awareness and improve your confidence in office-routines, public speaking, communication and work –related situations, negotiating, writing emails, making phone- calls, participating in meetings, networking, using proper body language.

It is a personalized, holistic, learning-centered approach, which is based on NLP, adult learning and English language and takes into account the challenges that an English language learner and professional faces in the 21st century.

This is an investment that your future self will thank you for.  What I offer you is a proven strategy that has helped a variety of people master their confidence in communicating in English. Do not let former disappointment keep you back. Communicating in English with confidence is truly possible. Give yourself now, the opportunity that you will be thankful for. 

During the process, we are going to set your goals and identify your blockers that have been hindering your progress in communicating in English. Additionally, you are going to attend a customized –to your needs and personality- training.  Thus it will be possible to get better results from your learning process, making you feel more comfortable to practice and finally mastering your confidence!



Expand your workplace opportunities

Increase your confidence speaking to other people in English

Learn about and improve communication skills

Feel totally confident speaking in public or with other people at workplace

Implement this confidence into your daily life

More Good News!

Mastering your confidence 100% is possible! You can start today and leave behind how stressed, shy or disappointed you are.  I work with people like you every day and the results have been amazing for all of them!

Get excited, let’s enroll you in a session and get what you deserve!

100% English Confidence Communication meaning that you will be able to

  • Participate in discussions at work hence your daily life
  • Voice your opinion and speak without translating into your mother tongue
  • Share your great ideas
  • Lower the stress for speaking publicly
  • Succeed in work interviews
  • Succeed in IELTS exams
  • Reply to anything unexpected
  • Talk clearly and with good pronunciation
  • Speak up and present yourself properly
  • Deliver compelling presentations from both a linguistic and a business perspective


This is NOT for Everyone

I’m only looking to work with people who are fully committed to attending coaching sessions with me and realize that results require

  • investment of time, money and energy
  • a clear goal, for your business and dreams
  • commitment

if you want success, you’ll need to trust me and work …

Last Words of Advice

Lastly, I want you to think about why you want to communicate in English in the first place. 

  • Maybe you are already working at a job position and you want to do something more meaningful and impactful and need to be fluent in communicating in English
  • Or you already have a business, but you see that your competition moves forward while you’re stuck
  • Understand that your daily actions determine your future, and if you have a vision for getting the recognition you know you deserve 

You can achieve these important milestones with hard and smart work and the right guidance. And today, you can already start working on shaping up that future. I will leave you with a quote that I truly follow:

My mission is to guide you in fulfilling your potential and achieving the skill you need to feel more empowered and professional– Mastering your Confidence in Speaking English! This is going to make a positive impact in your career, on the world and the income you deserve.

You can find all the information you are interested in enrolling yourself to my sessions, under the section Services, as well as Seminars&Workshops.

For the best results and before the start of our English Confidence sessions, I conduct a full language assessment of each individual based on fluency and pronunciation criteria, as well as a Communication Needs Analysis, so that we can focus on the ideal goal of you as a client. Thus, these personal sessions are based on your profile as a learner, on the outcomes you wish to have and the expected teaching aims.

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Thank you for your interest.

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